New Wors St. Hostel

hostel in the center of Warsaw
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Our hostel is located in the center of the capital at New Word Street on the top floor of a historic tenement house. Most rooms overlook the city center, including the Palace of Culture and Science. New Word Street is part of the Royal Route, along which the greatest tourist attractions of the capital are located, starting from the Old Town, the University of Warsaw, through Royal bathrooms in Warsaw, ending with Wilanów. On summer weekends, the street is closed to pedestrian traffic and turns into a pedestrian promenade that stretches all the way to the Old Town. Numerous restaurants, bars, cafes and clubs are located in New Word Street and in side streets, all in the immediate vicinity of the hostel.

We provide a homely "international" atmosphere in the hostel - you can feel at ease relaxing in a cozy living room, using the free Internet, delicious coffee and flavored tea, listening to music, watching movies or TV. You can also meet travelers from all over the world and share your travel impressions with them, and from us you will learn what to see in Warsaw, where to eat and have fun. Tired, you can sleep in comfort on soft mattresses in white bedding. Free coffee and tea await you in the kitchen connected to the living room. Thanks to the remote reception desk open 24 hours a day, you can easily return to the hostel at any time

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pokój 2 osobowy

pokój 2 osobowy

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